Ep. 90: Instructor Talk: Leveraging Primary

It is common for Scent Work handlers to want to get off training primary as quickly as possible. "We want to hunt for the real stuff!" However, there are ways to fully leverage hunting for primary to help solidify crucial skills that will serve you and your dog well into your sniffing careers.

In this podcast episode, we have the privilege of speaking with Judith Guthrie about how she uses primary and the general process one may use to transition from primary, or pairing, to hunting for a novel target odor alone, considerations to keep in mind and more.

Judith brings a breadth of knowledge to this topic, especially considering the fact she wears so hats in the Scent Work realm, both as a professional detection dog trainer and handler, an approved Scent Work trial official, professional instructor and mentor as well as an accomplished competitor in her own right!

With that in mind, we are thrilled to have Judith share her expertise with our clients. Be certain to check out her upcoming offerings:

More Than Odor: Environmental Considerations Webinar

USCSS: It's Game Time! Trial Prep Course

You may also be interested in the Hunting for Primary: Tips and Tricks Webinar with Dianna L. Santos.


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