Resources for Aspring CNWIs

Aug 20, 2023

Resources for Aspiring CNWIs

Are you enrolled in the NACSW CNWI program and looking for ways to fulfill some of the requirements? You can by enrolling in the following online courses as a Student:

"Why is the Student enrollment option required?"

This is meant to more closely resemble an in-person class experience, so you will go through the exercises with your personal dog and submit weeky homework and videos for the instructor to provide feedback on. You will receive a Certificate of Completion which you may then submit to the NACSW Instructor Portal.

Additionally, the feedback provided will be made to help you as an instructor understand why the exercises are designed the way they are, what to look for in your classes and when working with your clients, common pitfalls to be aware of and so on.

"Do you offer other resources for newer instructors or for instructors in training?"

Yes! We want to fully support our colleageus as much as possible!

Our Instructor Program offers several resources you may find helpful, some including:

Additionally, we offer an Instructor Mentorship Program you may want to look into.

We fully support all our colleagues as they work to help more dog and handler teams play the wonderful game of Scent Work. YOU ALL ROCK!

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