Ep. 74: The Challenge of Growth

Jul 13, 2022


A common sentiment within the dog-owning community is accepting who your dog is. This is absolutely correct albeit not entirely complete. While we avoid trying to turn our dogs into something they are not, we should be working toward helping them be the best version of themselves. If for no other reason, than to allow our dogs to have the highest quality of life possible.

Finding this delicate balance between accepting while still progressing and growing is not easy to do, especially in Scent Work. Do you find yourself capping your dog's abilities by only setting up searches you know they can easily tackle? Or perhaps you have a tendency of throwing them into situations they do not have a prayer of solving?! A better and more ideal solution is a happy medium, where the dog may have to work and strive, but can still reach the solution, simultaneously building their confidence, independence and tenacity in the process.

We discuss the importance of finding this balance, and how challenging it can be, in this podcast episode.


  • Dianna L. Santos


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