Ep. 88: Interiors: Interesting or Infuriating?

Interiors are an interesting search element, in that they oftentimes morph into teams being more focused on the items or "stuff" within the space instead of the space itself. Learn why that may be an issue and different tact to take in this podcast episode.

In this podcast episode, Dianna discusses how fun and exciting Interior searches can truly be once we look beyond the "stuff" in the space and, instead, take in all the elements and factors the space itself has to offer.

Does our dog struggle with slippery floors? You are in luck! Kayla Dever and Samantha Winslow are offering a webinar outlining solutions for this very issue. Be sure to check out their The Floor is Lava Webinar.

Does your dog blow through their threshold hides? No worries, Michele Ellertson has the solution in her excellent Threshold Hides: From Terrible to Terrific Webinar where she outlines a specific training plan for you to try with your pup!


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