Ep. 76: Breaking It Down

Jul 23, 2022


When it comes to dog training, not to mention Scent Work, there is a tendency to lump things together. This can make the whole process rather confusing to our dogs. An excellent alternative approach is to "break it down" or split up a given exercise into smaller pieces or steps to help the dog better understand.

However, the benefits of "breaking it down" applies to BOTH ends of the leash! This means we, as handlers, should identify ways we can breakdown the skills we need to work on, or perfect, to be the best teammate we can be.

This all means instructors should ensure their program in indeed cultivating the approach of "breaking down", for both their canine and human clients, and avoiding the allure to lump, assume or rush ahead.

We discuss this, and more, in this episode.


  • Dianna L. Santos


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