Ep. 65: Enough is Enough

Feb 2, 2022

Strap in, this is a blunt, real-talk episode.

It is high-time that all of us within the Scent Work community hold ourselves to a higher standard where treating one another with respect is a requirement. Addressing questions, concerns or issues directly with those involved instead of rushing to social media to bash them behind their back. Calling out people who try to steal someone else's light just to make themselves appear "bigger and better". Demanding that instructors, trial officials and professionals stop expecting reverence while treating their colleagues as "lesser than" or dirt. Instead, requiring these professionals to treat each other as equals with the common goal of HELPING dogs and their handlers.

We need to focus on our DOGS.

In short: We. Must. Do. Better. Enough is enough.


  • Dianna L. Santos


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