Elevated Hides for the Vertically Challenged Webinar
Elevated Hides for the Vertically Challenged Webinar

Elevated Hides for the Vertically Challenged Webinar

Elevated Hides for the Vertically Challenged Webinar

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  • Common Issues, Odor Puzzle, and Trial Prep Program
  • Instructor: Lori Timberlake
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Continual Access

You've got a small dog or a dog with mobility issues, but you want them to ace elevated hides...no worries, that is exactly what we will cover in this webinar!


Um, wait – aren’t all of our dogs vertically challenged depending on the height of the elevated hide?? Exactly! We can all tell when our dogs are hunting a squirrel up high in a tree or are trying to tell us that they know exactly where that new special toy or treat is “hidden” on top of the refrigerator. If we can read those signs, why are elevated hides such a mystery? They don’t have to be!

In this webinar we will cover topics to help you train for elevated hides and learn how to read what your dog is telling you. We will be focusing on small dogs and dogs with mobility issues, but all dogs that play scent work will benefit.


This webinar has been approved for 2 NACSW CEUs.


"Practical, clear, informative, advice on how to proceed!" Ariel A.

"Loved this webinar. Provided great explanations for why to limit practicing crazy high hides, how to set dogs up for success with lower elevated hides, paying the dog early, esp. a beginner, when they can't get directly to the hide, how this might play out in a trial setting, and if and when to consider training an indication behavior. I especially appreciated the rationales for all of the training recommendations. The videos also helped give a clearer picture of some of the challenges for the vertically challenged dogs." Teague C.


Do you have a small dog or a dog with mobility issues?

Get ideas on how you can work on elevated hides and hone your eye to tell when your dog has found it

Are you a Scent Work instructor?

See how you can incorporate these concepts into your own classes to help your small or limited mobility clients ace those elevated hide searches!

NACSW Program Instructor

Lori Timberlake

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