Conquering Converging! Webinar
Conquering Converging! Webinar

Conquering Converging! Webinar

Conquering Converging! Webinar

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  • Common Issues and Trial Prep
  • Instructor: Tony Gravley
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Continual Access

As our sport has evolved so has the complexity of the challenges. Converging odor problems are no exceptions to the challenges of the sport. All too often dogs get hung up in the blending and mixing of multiple hides that equate to that dirty word called "converging".

In this webinar, Tony will breakdown all the ins and outs of converging odor. Tony will bring clarity to the different type of converging odor problems and how to recognize behaviors that not only let you know your dog is working converging odor but what type of converging set up they are working.

Knowing your dog is working a converging odor problem is nice but what can you do to help? Tony's handler steps will be the little edge your dog needs to separate and solve each individual hide!

With a complex understanding of what converging actually is and the different types of converging, Tony will lay out a step-by-step training plan to give your dog the skills they need to conquer converging odor!


This webinar has been approved for 2 NACSW CEUs.


"Tony’s training advice and exercises are clear and helpful!" Deborah S.

"As always Tony was awesome. I especially enjoyed the section on how to setup the converging odor problems at home." Diane V.

"Everything, good illustrations before the videos demonstrating difficult problems" Brenda K.

"Clear, step-wise instructions with video examples. Very well-organized." Adele M.

"Everything. I like how he broke things down and explained how handlers could help their dogs." Judith F.

"As with Tony’s other webinar’s, concept presentations are clearly presented both verbally as well as visually using still photos and videos, and “how-tos” and anticipated benefits of implementation of training strategies and applications are clearly explained. I always walk away from watching Tony’s videos with training strategies I can immediately incorporate in my training sessions. I found it interesting that the instructional concept used in field work when training doubles or triples is the same as recommended for training converging hides: train the most complex hide/mark as a single first before adding the other hide(s)/mark(s)." Pam M.

"Tony always has such amazing training tips.  I loved the pictures of how the odor was moving and the videos of dogs solving converging odor problems.  Amazing to see how handler assistance made such a difference.  It's so nice too to have Dianna online and directing questions to Tony throughout the webinar.  Seems like there's always someone with a question that is spot on." Beth H.

"Tony always gives excellent information and provided a step-wise lesson in training for converging odor. He offers what behaviors to look for, and ways for handlers to handle converging odor. Super webinar." Rachel H.

"I liked it all! Great Information as always. Tony is the man with the plan that works. I loved the scenario of adding a second hide while modifying the first hide. This would make a great set up in a teaching class and the dog and handler would greatly benefit from it." Marietta M.

"clearly described the 3 basic types of converging odor, identified traits that dogs exhibit when encountering each type of converging odor and best of all, provided a detailed step by step approach to helping the dog learn, and the handler to learn what each type of convergence looks like" Laurie P.

"I liked everything, so much knowledge Tony shared, now if I can apply it. I think I will now be better able to read my dog when on odor and just so much more!" Kathy M.


Are you training or trialing in Scent Work? Having a better understanding of converging and how to help your dog tackle these odor puzzles can be just what your team needs.

Are you a Scent Work instructor? Gain insights that you can then implement into your own program to help your clients.

Scent Work Instructor

Tony Gravley

Tony Gravley grants Scent Work University license to feature his courses, seminars and webinars on our online dog training platform.

All of the content in this online webinar is created by, owned by, and the rights to the content, are reserved to Tony Gravley.



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