Don't Give Up: Building Your Reward Clock Webinar
Don't Give Up: Building Your Reward Clock Webinar

Don't Give Up: Building Your Reward Clock Webinar

Don't Give Up: Building Your Reward Clock Webinar

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  • Trial Prep Program and Advanced Topics Program
  • Instructor: Judith Guthrie
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Continual Access

Does your dog start getting antsy after a set amount of searching without finding a hide? Do they quit hunting or get distracted? Do they start thinking about falsing? Come to you asking questions, get frustrated or start returning to a hide and refusing to leave? These and more are all symptoms of your dog's reward clock being too short.

Your dog has a clock in their head. This clock tells them that after certain amount of time they should start expecting a reward. If they don’t get a reward around this time, then all sort of things can start to go wrong.

In this webinar we will talk more about what a reward clock is, how its formed, ways to extend this clock, how to use the reward clock to your advantage and how to problem solve issues related to reward clocks. This webinar is for all levels.


This webinar has been approved for 2 NACSW CEUs.


Are you training in Scent Work? Odor puzzles are complex and can require a great deal of mental focus and energy on behalf of our dogs. If they lack a properly developed reward clock, they may start to quit in their searches!

Are you trialing in Scent Work? The added stressors present at a Scent Work trial necessitate your dog to dig deep to solve each odor puzzle. Having a sufficient reward clock can help them do just that.

Are you a Scent Work instructor? Learn how you can better explain this concept to your clients and ensure your program is helping the dogs develop a solid reward clock.

USCSS Program Instructor

Judith Guthrie

Judith Guthrie grants Scent Work University license to feature her courses, seminars and webinars on our online dog training platform.
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- May email speaker with questions.

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