All-Level NACSW™ Trial Prep Course
All-Level NACSW™ Trial Prep Course
All-Level NACSW™ Trial Prep Course
All-Level NACSW™ Trial Prep Course

All-Level NACSW™ Trial Prep Course

All-Level NACSW™ Trial Prep Course

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  • Student Session: July 8th.
  • NACSW Program
  • Length: 6 weeks
  • Effective Training Technique
  • Recorded & On-Demand
  • Continual Access

Are you preparing for trials, and just don’t know what to work on? You can’t prepare for trial by running blind hides over and over again. You need to think through the overall trial picture.

Each lesson in this course will include five different search set-ups, video examples, handouts including variations for the different NACSW™ trial levels, and the reasons WHY you should be practicing that type of search for each level.

So, whether you’re training for your ORT or Summit, this course will give you ideas on how to best leverage your precious training time.


Team should be proficient hunting for Birch odor.


This online course has been approved for 5 CEUs through NACSW.


Anyone planning on entering an NACSW™ at any level should take this course.

While the focus of this course is NACSW™ trials, the different search set-ups would be helpful for scent work trials in any organization.

Are you a scent work instructor with students entering trials or do you offer mixed level classes?

This course will give you many ideas to fill in your lesson plan while preparing all of your students for trial.


  • Environmental Distractions
  • Blank Areas
  • Searches with Pressure
  • Methodical Searching
  • Sourcing and Staying at Source
  • Moving on from Hides
  • What to Expect and How to Prepare for your Trial


  • your dog
  • flat or martingale collar
  • back-clip harness (optional)
  • 6'-8' leash
  • 10-15' long line
  • LOTS of small, non-crumbly treats that YOUR dog finds rewarding
  • 20-25 containers (cardboard, plastic or metals - at least the size of a shoe box)
  • Vehicles that can be used for searching
  • Odor kit that includes: Birch, Anise and Clove, several hide vessels (tins, tubes, straws) and way to secure your hides (Museum Putty, Glue Dots, etc.)

NACSW Program Instructor

Lori Timberlake

Lori Timberlake grants Scent Work University license to feature her courses, seminars and webinars on our online dog training platform.
All of the content in this online course is created by, owned by, and the rights to the content, are reserved to Lori Timberlake.



An intensive learning experience, you will submit weekly homework and video assignments to the instructor to review and provide feedback on.


- Full access to all course materials.
- Access to Student Facebook Group.
- Submit homework and videos.
- Detailed review from instructor.


Enhanced option allowing for 1 video review and questions answered without the pressure of submitting weekly homework or videos.


- Full access to all course materials.
- Go through the material at your own pace.
- May have 1 video reviewed by instructor.
- Email support from instructor.


Basic access option which grants the greatest level of flexibility. Go through the material at your own pace and add video reviews when needed.


- Self-taught option.
- Full access to all course materials.
- May add video reviews for a fee.
- May add email support for a fee.

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