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Thank you for your interest in our Online Scent Work Courses! How exciting!

Scent Work is an excellent activity for ALL dogs to participate in, whether just for fun or with plans to formally compete. At Scent Work University, we can help you throughout the entirety of your Scent Work training journey.

To make things easier for you, we have broken down our online courses into a series of categories which you may see below.

Check them out!

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Online Courses

Puppy Sniffing Program

Help your puppy build their confidence and problem-solving skills with these fun and engaging online Scent Work courses we have designed with them in mind!

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Online Courses

Sniffing Specialist


Become the best Scent Work team you can be by delving into specific skills, handling techniques and becoming a mindful and thinking trainer.

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Online Courses


Sniffing Program

Are you new to Scent Work? Then this is the best place to start! We will follow the K9 Nose Work® training method, hunting for primary alone, and fun will be had!

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Online Courses

Prep and Excel at Trial Program

Prepare for, and excel at, trialing with a variety of Scent Work competition organizations including AKC, NACSW, USCSS and more!

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Online Courses

Intro to Odor Program

Once your dog understands what Scent Work is all about, it is time to get them hunting for novel target odors; we'll do just that with these courses.

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Online Courses

Scent Work Handler Program

You are a crucial part of the team! With these courses, we focus on helping you be the best Scent Work teammate your dog can have.

Dog Friends

Interested in enrolling in several online courses?


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