The Varied Needs of Different Breeds Webinar
The Varied Needs of Different Breeds Webinar

The Varied Needs of Different Breeds Webinar

The Varied Needs of Different Breeds Webinar

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  • Trial Prep Program
  • Instructor: Holly Bushard
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Continual Access


Join Holly for a webinar that focuses on some of the joys and challenges of playing Scent Work with every dog in the house!

Adapting to the needs of varied breeds and temperaments can be both exciting and challenging! Holly will share some of her top habits that allowed her to easily transition from labs to pit bulls to whippets to goldens to poodles!

Topics discussed will include setting up training, considering reinforcement, and trial strategies and adjustments. Even if you only have one partner, there will be opportunities to make sure you are being as responsive of a teammate as possible! Hope to see you there!


This webinar has been approved for 2 NACSW CEUs.


WHAT DID YOU ENJOY ABOUT THIS WEBINAR: "Everything. This was my first scent work webinar and it was super informative and thought provoking. I loved that even though it was about the dogs, it also covered handler issues as well." Denise K.

WHAT DID YOU ENJOY ABOUT THIS WEBINAR: "- having confirmation of some of my strategies, - information and observations of the ways different dogs or breeds approach environments or situations, - Holly was organized and responsive; easy to follow and listen to." Delia B.

WHAT DID YOU ENJOY ABOUT THIS WEBINAR: "Emphasis on learning what your dog finds rewarding / comfortable right down to search style, and then supporting that style, looking at their search method as an expression of artistry on the part of the dog (wow!), valuing it and supporting it. Priceless! This came out in so many portions of the webinar. Another example is 'what's my dog's favorite type of search?' Then do more of what they love with a challenge built into it. I'll have to think about this one. We just got our ELT-CH and I don't know what my dog's favorite type of search is ..." Sandy R.

WHAT DID YOU ENJOY ABOUT THIS WEBINAR: "Holly was thorough, discussing breed differences and ways to work with the dog you have. She gave great examples of successful training strategies and training pitfalls. There is so much in this presentation to unpack. Really excellent!" Diane R.

WHAT DID YOU ENJOY ABOUT THIS WEBINAR: "So much information. Holly is a great speaker, good pace but laid back and comfortable to listen to." Liz C.

WHAT DID YOU ENJOY ABOUT THIS WEBINAR: "Everything - Holly's an expert presenter. To the point!" Gretchen G.

WHAT DID YOU ENJOY ABOUT THIS WEBINAR: "Lots of excellent examples." Deb. E.


Do you own multiple dogs? Learn how you can motivate and partner with each individual dog so all of them can be successful in their sniffing adventures.

Are you a Scent Work instructor? Glean how to provide motivation to a variety of canine clients and better assist your human clients to adjust to working with a new sniffing partner whenever they bring a new puppy or dog home.

Scent Work Instructor

Holly Bushard

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