Blast Busters! Webinar
Blast Busters! Webinar

Blast Busters! Webinar

Blast Busters! Webinar

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  • Trial Prep Program
  • Instructor: Holly Bushard
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Continual Access

Over-eager dogs who blindly blast off of start lines can waste precious time before setting in and starting to work!

In this webinar, Holly will examine habits that may have contributed to building this behavior and replace them with more productive alternatives. Holly will discuss ways to manage our dogs in staging to reduce over-excitement and explore exercises to help our dogs bring their best work right from the start. Enthusiasm is a beautiful thing! Let’s make sure we save the brightness while increasing productivity!


This webinar has been approved for 2 NACSW CEUs.


"Neither of my dogs are true 'blasters' but they are frequently overaroused at the start line. There are exercises and ideas here that will help us be more focused as we begin searching. Time is not our friend now. I particularly want to build 'a sense of urgency' once we get going. Both want to check the whole area before committing to an alert." Gretchen G.

"Holly Bushard has a wealth of knowledge that she easily imparts. Her ideas on start lines was excellent, and basic training ideas on threshold vs deeper hides was also thought provoking. I am looking forward to her additional video on leash handling. Great webinar!" Rachel H.

"All of it, very interesting. Not only do I have a blaster retriever. I have some spaniels and doberman that will benefit from this training. I have threshold find to try and steady down and fans but not considered lead pressure communication." Mandy R.

"Great ideas i am going to be using on a very excited working field lab in my class.  Odour is like a drug for her and she can find it, I cant wait to see how she is once she has more focus at the start." Amanda W.

"Holly's clear explanations." Chris C. 


Are you struggling with an overly excited pup? The insights provided in this webinar will give you some ideas on how to ensure your dog is indeed focused on odor as they cross the start line while maintaining their joy and enthusiasm.

Are you a Scent Work instructor? Having as many tools in our toolbox is critically important! Doing so wil help us assist more dog and handler teams. Learn some tips you can incorporate into your own program.

Scent Work Instructor

Holly Bushard

Holly Bushard grants Scent Work University license to feature her courses, seminars and webinars on our online dog training platform.
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