Are You Ready to Trial? eBook

Are You Ready to Trial? eBook

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  • Trial Prep Program
  • Length: 68 pages
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You have been doing Scent Work with your dog for a bit. They are loving the game and doing well. Could it be time to embark on trialing in formal Scent Work trials?

In this eBook, we outline ways handlers can assess if they and their dogs are indeed ready to start trialing and be successful in doing so. This may very well include working on skills that are entirely outside the scope of Scent Work!

Particularly helpful for those teams who are new to competing in Scent Work, this eBook will also aid those who are currently trialing and experiencing issues, by potentially possible areas that a team could work on.


"Many points were brought up that aren't usually discussed in the sport of nosework!" 5 Stars - Nancy V. 

Owner and Lead Instructor

Meet the Author: Dianna L. Santos

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