Winter Sniffy Fun 3.0 Challenge eBook

Winter Sniffy Fun 3.0 Challenge eBook

Winter Sniffy Fun 3.0 Challenge eBook

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  • Foundation Sniffing Program, Intro to Odor Program, and Advanced Topics Program
  • Length: 141 pages
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For the third year in a row, Scent Work University is hosting a Winter Sniffy Fun Challenge in the Friends of Scent Work University Facebook Group. The Winter Sniffy Fun 3.0 Challenge will ran from December 1st to March 30th, with one challenge posted every week. FB Group members are encouraged to tackle the challenges they are interested in and post about their adventures in the FB Group.

This eBook is a compilation of the 18 challenges offered in the FB Group AND an additional 18 bonus challenges are exclusively available only in this eBook! YAY!

Modifications are offered for each challenge for both beginner and advanced teams (to help make the challenge easier or harder). Additionally, diagrams and images are provided for each challenge.

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: The exercises in this eBook are designed for all levels and may be done using food, paired odor or target odor hides. However, if you are brand new Scent Work, you may want to pair this eBook with our Introduction to Scent Work course to ensure you have the best start possible in your sniffing journey!

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