Well-Rounded Sniffing Webinar
Well-Rounded Sniffing Webinar

Well-Rounded Sniffing Webinar

Well-Rounded Sniffing Webinar

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  • General Scent Work
  • Instructor: Lori Timberlake
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Continual Access

We have some questions for you:

  • Do you have a well-rounded sniffer? Sure, I do.
  • Do you expose your dog to every puzzle you can think of? I think so...
  • Are you really bad at coming up with a training plan? Um, yeah.
  • Do you want help figuring out how to practice? Yes!!!

Then this webinar is for you!


You've been told by all of your instructors that you need a training plan. Your searches should have a goal. Train smart. Well...sometimes it's not that easy! We work, we have kids, we're busy, we have multiple dogs competing in multiple sports...who has time to create a training plan? We have your solution - old school flash cards! Scent Work enthusiasts have asked for search idea flash cards forever and we've finally come up with a set. Ready to train? Pick a card! Everyone who registers for this webinar will receive a downloadable copy of flash cards designed by Lori and the webinar will explain how to use them and how to set up some of the search ideas. This webinar is for sniffers at all levels and perfect for instructors struggling with ideas for classes.


"I love finding new (or revisiting) different ideas to make Nose Work more fun for the people while also stretching the dogs!" Judy A.


Are you looking for more ideas on how to practice Scent Work with your dog?

Enjoy access to Scent Work-specific flash cards that will keep your training fresh and fun!

Are you an instructor and running out of ideas?

This is just what you have been looking for! Use the flash cards to sharpen up your lesson plans and add some zeal and zest to your classes!

NACSW Program Instructor

Lori Timberlake

Lori Timberlake grants Scent Work University license to feature her courses, seminars and webinars on our online dog training platform.
All of the content in this online webinar is created by, owned by, and the rights to the content, are reserved to Lori Timberlake.



- Continual access to the replay.
- Access to all associated resources.
- May email speaker with questions.

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