Foundation: The Four Pillars of Nose Work Webinar
Foundation: The Four Pillars of Nose Work Webinar

Foundation: The Four Pillars of Nose Work Webinar

Foundation: The Four Pillars of Nose Work Webinar

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  • Foundation Sniffing Program
  • Instructor: Michael McManus
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Continual Access

Hunt Drive, Independence, Problem Solving, Confidence. These are the 4 Pillars of a solid Nose Work/Scent Work foundation.

In this webinar, Michael will unpack each of these Pillars in depth. He will also discuss how to build a foundation in a new dog and how to maintain it throughout your dog's career (yes, it does require maintenance!).


This webinar is approved for 2 NACSW CEUs.


"Saying it over and over, the HUNT! The basics! It just confirms what I’ve been thinking and wanting to keep in front of all my training. As in training horses, going back to the basics, the foundation and building on it but always going back to easier, to basics is so important. Also, not over facing and drilling animals, letting them figure things out. So much more I could say!" Denise S.

"Absolutely loved this webinar, so much good information! The videos were great for training exercises to check for holes in our foundation. I especially appreciated the discussion on going back to primary once the dog was introduced to odor. This was something I've been struggling with with my first dog that was trained starting on odor only, and now even more so with my baby dog that has been trained entirely through Scent Work U and started on Primary. By the way, looks like we have a pretty solid foundation. Thanks Dianna & Michael, keep doing what you're doing :)" Lynn S.

"Great examples of how to work on things and was good to have the two contrasting dogs in the videos." Sarah B.

"I could write a book after i spend some time reviewing but really enjoyed this will buy more by Michael' Rhonna D.

"I found this webinar at just the right time. My dog is now at the Masters AKC level and we are prepping for our NW3. I had found myself falling into the trap of always setting up harder and more challenging searches mimicking these two levels every training session. Returning to the foundations skills has added in the fun again for my dog and for me, as well as put us back on a more balanced track of training . I love Michael's straightforward discussion and exercises, as well as his thoughts about training and why he does what he does. So much, that I've already purchased another one of his webinars on Training to Plan and Planning to Train. Thank you both, keep up the excellent work!" Judith B.

"I really enjoyed all of the new to me information. The classes that I am taking with my dogs do not cover this aspect. I am going to implement these ideas into my training." Mary Ann M.

"Great simple and fun exercises to add to my training to build on fundamentals as we move up in nosework levels. I really got some great information and ideas from this." Marissa G.

"I live in an area where there are no instructors in this sport. Learning how to help my dog problem solve and provide searches to build confidence was hugely beneficial in our training." Darlene F.

"All the exercices given to build foundations or to keep up with training with advance settings for the same exercices." Annick S.

"Great examples of how to work on things and was good to have the two contrasting dogs in the videos" Carmel N.

"It gave me things to think about, ideas on setting up a search, on getting my dogs hunt drive in top gear. He is very methodical and successful but not sure the drive is where it should be." Doreen H.


Are you training in Scent Work or Nose Work?

Avoid holes developing in your training and assess if you are properly maintaining each of these four pillars.

Are you planning to, or are currently, competing?

Without a solid foundation, you will not be successful in competition. You may do well in the lower levels, but it will catch with you in the upper levels.

Are you an instructor?

Evaluate your lessons and lesson plans: are you giving your canine and human students the skills they need to develop a strong and solid foundation?

Scent Work Instructor

Michael McManus

Michael McManus grants Scent Work University license to feature his courses, seminars and webinars on our online dog training platform. All of the content in this online webinar is created by, owned by, and the rights to the content, are reserved to Michael McManus.



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