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To Help or Not to Help, That is the Question Webinar

To help or not to help, that is the question. Is your dream to have a true partnership with your dog? To truly be a team? Are you always questioning what you should be doing? Do you want a more independent dog? A dog who listens to your suggestions? Do you feel like you can’t have both? Are you just frustrated with all the people telling you to do different things and pulling you apart, making you question every decision?!

In this webinar we will dive into the issue of helping your dog. When you should do it and when you should not. This is a huge and controversial topic and with the use of various videos as well as discussion we will help you begin the journey of figuring out whats right for YOUR team.

Judith Guthrie

Judith Guthrie


You've heard it all before: "you want your dog to be more independent!" and also "you need to be more involved as a teammate!". These two statements seem in complete and utter contradiction to one another. But there is a happy medium.

In this webinar, we will discuss both the importance of canine independence and handler involvement, in other words, the harmony between the two in order to create a cohesive and successful Scent Work searching team. Not the dog bending to the handler's will or the handler being a dope-on-a-rope, rather a balance between these two extremes. With the use of video examples, you will walk away with tips on how you can achieve this equilibrium with your own dog.


This webinar has been approved for 2 NACSW CEUs.




Are you interested in competing? To be truly successful, you will want to be a cohesive searching unit with your dog. Find out how you can obtain this balance with this webinar! 

Are you an instructor? Do you find yourself always urging your students into one extreme or another? Get some tips on how you can inject some more balance into your curriculum and feedback, to ensure your students are developing the best partnership possible with their dogs.

To Help or Not to Help, That is the Question Webinar
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Judith Guthrie


Judith Guthrie

Scent Work Instructor

Short Bio:

A professional detection dog trainer, handler who is also an approved Scent Work trial official with AKC Scent Work and USCSS, Judith brings the breadth of knowledge an perspective sought after by many Scent Work handler teams.

Judith Guthrie


Short Bio:

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