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Human v. Canine Experience with Odor




Dianna L. Santos

The human experience with odor is far and away what our dogs are experiencing when they encounter odor. For one, they can actually "see" odor by using their incredible sense of smell. We cannot. Yet, time and time again, handlers will discount what the dog does, communicates or tries to do within a given search.

In this podcast episode, we discuss this vastly different experience on either end of the leash and how we as handlers need to own our own shortcomings. How we must improve our own skills, both in understanding odor and in reading and supporting our dogs, to best allow our dog to be successful.

Podcast Episode Transcript

Here are some resources available through Scent Work University that may help with bridging this gap regarding expectations and more properly supporting our dogs when doing searches with them:

Hide Placement and Odor Movement Seminar with Laurel Scarioni

All About the Box; A Detailed Look at Container Searches with Dana Zinn

Tools to Help Design Your Scent Work Searches Webinar with Dianna L. Santos

Wait, Quit or Help Webinar with Dianna L. Santos

Transcript is coming soon!

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