Proofing v. Trick Questions eBook

Proofing v. Trick Questions eBook

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  • Advanced Topics Program and Trial Prep Program
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An essential part of any dog training program is ensuring the dog truly understands the concepts and what is expected of them. Scent Work is no exception. Enter proofing exercises! These are meant to give the dog the opportunity to work through distractions of varying sorts. However, it is rather common for proofing exercises to slip into the realm of trick questions, where the dog is either prompted to mess with a distractor or have no viable correct answer available to them.

In this eBook we will highlight the stark difference between thoughtful and mindful proofing exercises and trick questions, the latter which may confuse, demotivate or frustrate the dog. Additionally, we will provide sample proofing exercises you may do with your dog.

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Meet the Author: Dianna L. Santos

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