Hosting Scent Work Trials eBook

Hosting Scent Work Trials eBook

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  • Trial Host Program and NACSW Program
  • 34 pages
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Can we ever have enough Scent Work trials?  With the sport being so popular and wait lists growing longer and longer, we need more people to take on the huge responsibility of hosting trials.

This eBook is written to help prospective trial hosts navigate the process of trial hosting for whatever organization they choose to host for.  How to begin the process, costs associated with hosting, tips and tricks to make the process easier and ways to avoid common problems are covered as well.

Every organization is different and prospective hosts will still need to research the specific organization they intend to host for before beginning the hosting process, but this eBook is packed with information that will streamline the process for any Scent Work trial host.  Order yours today!

NACSW Program Instructor

Meet the Author: Lori Timberlake

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