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Hide Placement and Odor Movement Seminar

Understanding how odor moves can improve your skills as a handler as well as a trainer.

Laurel Scarioni

Laurel Scarioni


This seminar will cover many factors that affect odor movement, from the weather to the structure of the object a hide is placed on and the placement of that object within a search area. You will learn how to apply this knowledge when setting hides and when handling your dog in training and competition.


  • Wind

  • Temperature Differences

  • Temperature Differences: Sun v. Shade

  • Surface Differences

  • Indoor Airflow

  • Room to Room

  • Humidity

  • Barometric Pressure

  • Differences in Objects

  • Stack Effect

  • Aerodynamics and Turbulence

  • Odor Trapping

  • Small Changes Big Difference

  • Airflow Around Buildings

  • Airflow Over Terrain

  • Search Area Boundaries

  • Access to Search Plume

  • Corners

  • Elevation

  • Elevation Types

  • Tips for Training and Trialing


Are you involved in Scent Work? This seminar is appropriate for handlers of any experience level who want to develop a deeper understanding of the factors that influence odor movement, set more thoughtful hides, and provide better support to their dogs.

Our seminars are designed to closely mimic in-person intensive learning experiences without the need to travel, take time off of work or get a dog or baby sitter! Enjoy all the learning without any of the hassle.

Hide Placement and Odor Movement

Online Scent Work Seminar

5 hours






This seminar includes:

  • Narrated presentation.

  • Video examples.

  • Helpful handouts.

  • Access at any time. 

    • Continual access.

    • No deadlines.

    • No cut-off dates.​

  • Occasional 1.5 Q&A sessions.​

    • Ask speaker questions,​

    • Added to replay page.

Laurel Scarioni


Laurel Scarioni

Scent Work Instructor

Short Bio:

An approved Certifying Official with NACSW and Expert Judge with AKC, Laurel brings a great deal to the table when it comes to helping dog and handler teams become a better working unit in Scent Work.

Instructor Info

We're Privileged to Share This Seminar With You!

Scent Work University is fortunate to have Laurel grant us license to feature her courses, seminars and webinars on our online dog training platform. All of the content in this offering is created by, owned by, and the rights to the content, are reserved to Laurel Scarioni.

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