Specialty Webinar Package

Specialty Webinar Package

Order this package and enjoy a 15% discount off all the webinars included in this package.

Enjoy some specialized learning with this webinar package, certain to improve your Scent Work skills and teamwork with your dog.

When you purchase this webinar package, you will enjoy a 15% discount on the following online webinars:

  • All About the Box; A Detailed Look at Container Searches Webinar
  • Box Smashers Webinar
  • Control Unleashed and Scent Work Webinar
  • Corner Hides Webinar
  • Elevated Hides Webinar
  • It's What's Inside that Counts: A Study of Interior Searches Webinar
  • Keep Your Head: Maintaining Good Arousal in Nosework Webinar
  • Scent Work for Reactive Dogs Webinar
  • Scent Work for Sensitive Dogs Webinar
  • Stopping the Potty: Tips for Exterior Searches
  • The Dog-Driven Container: The Why and The How Webinar
  • The Dog-Driven Vehicle: The Why and The How Webinar
  • Zone Training in Nosework Webinar

Enjoy continual access to these online webinars, meaning you may go through them at your own pace, no deadlines or cut-off dates to worry about.

Order this webinar package today, your dog will thank you!

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