Setting Up Your Training Space for All Dogs Seminar Module
Setting Up Your Training Space for All Dogs Seminar Module

Setting Up Your Training Space for All Dogs Seminar Module

Setting Up Your Training Space for All Dogs Seminar Module

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  • Instructor Program
  • Length: 2-3 hours
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What happens outside of the search is just as important as what happens in the search. If a dog is stressed, anxious or over-excited while waiting to search - that can affect what happens in the search. A stressed, anxious or over-excited dog can also affect the other students in class, both human and canine.

Not setting up an effective training space can also impact time management. Have you ever monitored how much time it takes for a team to get from the search area to the waiting area and for the next team to get from the waiting area to the search area? How much time is being wasted in your class that could be put towards everyone getting one more search in? It’s important to do this effectively with everyone’s safety and well-being in mind.

In this segment, we will also talk about how you can work with some dogs that may not be appropriate for many classes but can thrive in your classes with the proper set-up and management in place. In addition to the above topics, we will cover the following in this segment:

  • Types of Dogs in Your Classes

  • Setting Up Your Crating Space

  • Entering and Leaving the Search Area

  • Quiet Crating

  • Off-Site Classes

NOTE: This module is an additional resource to the Teaching Scent Work Seminar by Dianna L. Santos and Lori Timberlake.


This seminar module has been approved for 2 NACSW CEUs.


Should You Take This Seminar

Have you taken or are currently going through the Teaching Scent Work Seminar?

This module provides excellent information pertaining to safely and effectively setting up your training space to ensure all your clients are successful.

Are you a newer Scent Work instructor?

Think through what you will need for your training space to work FOR you, not AGAINST you.

Are you an experienced Scent Work instructor?

Get ideas on how to critically look at your set-up now and how it could potentially be improved or modified.

NACSW Program Instructor

Meet the Instructor: Lori Timberlake

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Go through the seminar material at your own pace, enjoy continual access and refer back to it as often as you like. Watch replays of recorded Q&A sessions with the speaker.

- Continual access to seminar material
- May add-on Q&A session at any time

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