Meet Tony Gravley

Meet Tony Gravley


You probably already know him, Tony Gravley, is the Owner and Founder of Next Generation K9, TWG Group LLC. Tony has over 30 years of experience as a Trainer, Instructor, Manager and Handler of Police and Military Working Dogs.

Here are some of Tony's abbreviated highlights below:

Owner and Head Trainer Next Generation K9 which holds multiple Government contracts such as Department of Defense, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

Through these contracts Next Generation K9 provides fully trained Patrol Explosive Detection K9s, Single Purpose Explosive Detection Dogs, Patrol Narcotics Detection K9’s along with “Green’ Dual Purpose Canines.

Tony has also conducted countless workshops centered on Nose Work/Detection and has been a guest Instructor for several Police K9 Conferences.

Next Generation K9 is averaging over 100 working dogs a year placed with Government Agencies this includes selection, importing and training.

Tony has also managed and instructed for various groups including protecting the Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq; NATO, American and Canadian interests in Afghanistan and Kuwait. Tony Provided training of Explosive/Narcotic Patrol Dogs to the Department of Defense and Federal and Local Law Enforcement Agencies.

Tony also taught all Military Working Dog Courses to include Patrol, Detection, Supervisor Course.
Additionally, Tony has the following credentials:

  • Fully Accredited Master Trainer, United Police Work Dog Association
  • NACSW Nose Work Judge
  • Active in CNWI Program
  • AKC Scent Work Expert Judge (highest level judge and instructor/teaching judge)
  • Numerous K9 Nose Work Titles
  • Qualified and Invited to 2016 AKC Obedience Nationals
    Instructor for several NACSW National Competitors
  • Multiple Students achieved K9 Nose Work Elite Titles
  • U.S. Marine Corps Military Police K9 Handler

Graduate of:

  • Military Working Dog Patrol Dog Course
  • Military Working Dog Explosive Detection Dog Course
  • Military Working Dog Supervisor Course
  • Air Education and Training Instructor Course


Below you will find the online courses, seminars, webinars, eBooks, video reviews and private video consultation services Tony offers through Scent Work University.

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