Meet Natalie McManus

Meet Natalie McManus


Natalie is a Certified Nose Work Instructor with the National Association for Canine Scent Work, a NACSW Certifying Official, a Chief Search Designer and Judge for United States Canine Scent Sports and a fully-approved Judge with AKC Scent Work.

She has been trialing in Nose Work for 11-years and teaching classes for 10-years. She has titled an Australian Shepherd mix (the 6th mixed breed to ever title in K9 Nose Work), Pomeranian (1st Pomeranian to achieve an NW1 title), Border Collie (2nd Border Collie to achieve an NW3 title. She's now working on her Elite 3), and a Belgian Malinois (now working on her Elite 1). Natalie is the co-owner and an instructor for Ready, Sit, Go in Troy, MO.


Below you will find the online courses, seminars, webinars, eBooks, video reviews and private video consultation services Natalie offers through Scent Work University.

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