Meet Dana Zinn

Meet Dana Zinn


Dana Zinn has been working with and training dogs since 1999. Her many years of dog training experience include working at the spcaLA as an Animal Behavior & Training Specialist.

Dana was involved in the first publicly offered nose work class in Long Beach, CA. She not only participated but eventually assisted in instruction. From there Dana became involved in the development of the K9 Nose Work® instructor certification program and in 2008 was one of the very first Certified Nose Work Instructors. Dana has taught nose work classes steadily since then.

Her career in the sport of nose work has included certifying official, supervising certifying official, and trial judge. She was also part of the NACSW education committee and helped to train new certifying officials joining the organization.

Her learning never stops as she continues to teach classes, instruct at camps, compete in trials, create webinars, and teach workshops. One of her proudest moments was placing first in the 2014 NACSW National Invitational.

Dana has participated in a variety of canine activities such as obedience, herding, agility and of course nose work. Dana moved from California with her family to Golden, Colorado in 2008 and brought the sport of nose work with her. She hosted the first NACSW trials in Colorado and has absolutely loved watching nose work flourish there. Dana is honored to be a part of the amazing community that has grown around the game and sport in Colorado and surrounding areas.

Most recently Dana, along with Sue Sternberg, co-authored the book, The Dog-Driven Search, Handling Our Nose Work Dogs to Promote Independence, Joy and Enthusiasm.

Dana currently shares her life with her wonderful husband Ken, two beautiful children Jessica & Ben, and her two Labrador Retrievers, Winnie and Sunny.

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