Essential Skills Webinar Package

Essential Skills Webinar Package

Order this package and enjoy a 15% discount off all the webinars included in this package.

Looking for a solid start in your Scent Work training journey? Look no further than this webinar package!

When you purchase this webinar package, you will enjoy a 15% discount on the following online webinars, ensuring you have a solid grasp on the foundational skills you and your dog will need to succeed in Scent Work:

  • Back to Foundations: Containers Webinar
  • Back to Foundations: Exteriors Webinar
  • Back to Foundations: Interiors Webinar
  • Back to Foundations: Vehicles Webinar
  • Foundation: The Four Pillars of Nose Work Webinar
  • Language of Nose Work: Reading Your Dog Webinar
  • Pairing: Why and How Webinar
  • Power of Semi-Blind Hides Webinar
  • Starting with Food: The Whys and The Hows Webinar
  • Sniff Busters Webinar
  • Why Independence Matters Webinar

Enjoy continual access to these online webinars, meaning you may go through them at your own pace, no deadlines or cut-off dates to worry about.

Order this webinar package today, your dog will thank you!

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