All About the Box; A Detailed Look at Container Searches Webinar

All About the Box; A Detailed Look at Container Searches Webinar

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  • Sniffing Specialist Program and Trial Prep Program
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Effective Training Technique
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Containers have proven to be one of the most challenging elements in nose work for many teams. Why is this? Is the problem in training? Or is it handler related? Both? The answer to this question differs for every team, but there are some consistencies in both training and handling that can cause a team to come up short more often than desired. However, all hope is not lost!

In this webinar, Dana will tackle these questions and take a detailed look at common handler errors in containers and where holes may lie in training. In addition, she will discuss odor movement and why dogs may make the decisions they do in container searches.

Topics include:

  • Odor movement and availability
  • Foundation training
  • Handling in training vs trialing
  • Common misunderstandings in trials and why they occur
  • Letting go of past mistakes and regaining trust in your dog

Join Dana for an in-depth look at this most perplexing element and gain valuable understanding that will hopefully help you move forward with more confidence and perhaps find joy in your container searches.


This webinar has been approved for 2 NACSW CEUs.


"Great discussion on Orienting and videos to give examples" Chris S.

"I loved every minute of it. Excellent mix of visuals and practical advice." Beth M.

"Dana's perspectives on so many things" Barbara S.

"the dry ice videos of the containers and air movement were very helpful" Colleen H.

"all the videos and the explanation of what was happening in the videos" Carmel N.

"Great ideas on breaking down the experience for the dog!" Jay H.

"Dana's enthusiasm regarding containers. I know so many people who hate containers and have a hard time with it. I had a great instructor who worked on containers all the time so I was not afraid and enjoyed them. Teaching classes trying to strive why they are so important and fun. The demo with the dry ice was my favorite. All the video's and then the diagrams of how the odor was moving was super helpful. I was taught to pattern containers and started going in the direction that Dana was teaching. So it gave me some great ideas to share with students." Terri G.

"Insights into what odor can do in container searches and also how best to handle in those searches.." Renee G.


Are you interested in or currently trialing in Scent Work?

Get valuable tips from this webinar on how to better tackle Container searches, which can be tricky for many teams. Are you an instructor teaching Scent Work?

Garner some ideas of what to point out to your clients to help them be more successful in Container searches in training and when trialing.


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