How to Access Your Webinar Replay

How to Access Webinar Replay

You have ordered one of our webinar replays, how exciting!

But how do you go about accessing it?!

If this was your first enrollment in Scent Work University, you will receive an email with a link to create your password. Upon creating this password, you will be automatically logged into your account.

If you already have a Scent Work University account, you may login here to access your dashboard.

Once on your dashboard, you will see a listing of everything you are enrolled in, including online courses, seminars, webinars and eBooks.

Click on the image of the webinar you are interested in going through.

From there, you will be directed to the course player.

When viewing this on a desktop or laptop computer, you will see a navigation menu on the left-hand side. For tablets and mobile devices, this menu will be accessible from the hamburger menu icon.

Using the navigation menu, you may click on the section you are interested in. Most of our offerings offer a “WELCOME” section which provides helpful information about the webinar, links to related webinars, whether CEUs are approved for the webinar and who to contact should you run into any issues.

You will see a section for the webinar replay video itself. Clicking on this will bring up the webinar replay video.

On a computer, you will see the controls for the video by hovering your cursor over the video player itself. On a tablet or mobile device, clicking on the video itself causes these controls to appear.

The system will keep track of where you are watching the video itself, meaning if you were to watch the presentation halfway through, logout and then log back in, you will pick where you left off.

“I finished the replay, clicked “COMPLETE AND CONTINUE” and now the course player says “100% COMPLETE”. Does this mean I cannot watch the replay again?”

No. You may go through the materials as often and for as long as you wish. Simply use the navigation menu to click on the section you wish to revisit.

“Are there any handouts for webinars?”

This is entirely up to the speaker, but the vast majority of our speakers include a .PDF version of their presentation which you may access and download from the webinar replay page itself.

“I am still running into some trouble, can you help me?”

Of course! Please email Dianna at and she will work to help you as soon as possible.

Happy Training!

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