Great Expectations: Creating your Scent Work Trial Experience Webinar

This webinar will address managing expectations for Scent Work trials and will help you feel more prepared when you step to the line with your dog.

Michelle Doram

Michelle Doram


In this presentation, we will discuss managing a handler’s expectations when trialing in Scent Work, including entering when they are READY (or not), and using micro-goals to help create a feeling of success, expectations when working with consecutive dogs, and keeping hold of the joy for you and your canine teammate.


This webinar is approved for 2 NACSW CEUs.


Be sure to check out  Michelle Doram's Scent Work Training Journal which allows you to keep track of your micro-goals for training and trialing as noted in this webinar.


This webinar would be helpful for:

  • Handlers who feel frustrated by results.

  • Handlers who are new to competition and are beginning a more challenging level

  • Handlers who are starting a new dog.

Great Expectations: Creating your Scent Work Trial Experience Webinar

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Michelle Doram


Michelle Doram

Scent Work Instructor

Short Bio:

The owner of White Collar K9, Michelle is a Certified Nose Work Instructor through NACSW and accomplished competitor in her own right. Her passion about training a solid foundation when it comes to Scent Work is much appreciated by her clients.


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