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Upcoming Online
Scent Work Courses

We are thrilled to be able to offer the following online Scent Work courses for our next Student Session!


What does that mean? If you enroll as a Student, you get to enjoy an intensive learning experience with our talented instructors, where you will submit weekly homework and videos for them to review and provide their feedback on.


Basically, this is the virtual equivalent of what you would enjoy in an in-person group class, only better! You will have full access to the course materials, may refer back to your videos and feedback whenever you need to and may follow-up with the instructor to ensure your training goals are met.

Individualized support. Customized training solutions. Attention to detail and the assistance you and your dog need. Enrolling as a Student is an excellent choice!

So don't delay, enroll today!

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Next Student Session Starts October 10th

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Earn Qs, titles and ribbons AND receive training advice. Check out Cyber Scent Work, Inc. today.

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