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Using Play in Scent Work Webinar

When it comes to Scent Work, the focus is obviously on the dog finding any hides within a search area. But we need to remember that they are the ones with the nose. If at any point, our dog determines the sniffy game to be more of a chore than a joy, they will opt out.

Dianna L. Santos

Dianna L. Santos


In this 90-minute webinar, we will discuss ways handlers can utilize play to inject joy back into a search, even for dogs who may otherwise not have a high play drive. Doing this will showcase how handlers should have as many tools in their toolbox as possible and not rely on any one singular way of rewarding their dogs for a job well done.


This webinar has been approved for 2 NACSW CEUs.




Are you playing Scent Work with your dog? That is great! While many of us use food and treats to reward our dogs when they find a hide, there are LOTS of other ways we can be rewarding them as well. Ensure you are leveraging everything available to you to get the most bang for your buck.

Are you looking for ways to keep the game fun? We NEED our dogs to LOVE this game, otherwise they will opt out. By mindfully injecting play into the process, we can bake in a fun element that will help even as exercises become more challenging and difficult.

Does your dog seem as though they are losing their flare for searching? This is common. As dog and handler teams go up the levels, searches become more and more difficult. The dog needs to put forth more effort, physically and mentally, to solve odor puzzles. If we are not careful, the scales can tip in the wrong direction, causing the dog to determine the sniffy game is not such a great game after all. Some of the approaches discussed in this webinar can help alleviate this.

Using Play in Scent Work Webinar
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Dianna Santos


Dianna L. Santos

Owner and Lead Instructor

Short Bio:

The President of Online Dog Training, Inc. and Cyber Scent Work, Inc., Dianna is the Owner and Lead Instructor for Scent Work University. She is passionate about Scent Work and loves the benefits it awards dogs and handlers alike.

Dianna Santos


Short Bio:

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