Trial and Error Webinar

Get the insight from an experienced Scent Work Judge on what teams can do to better prepare to trial.

Webinar Details

When it comes to Scent Work trials, Judges have a unique vantage point of witnessing several dog and handlers tackle the same search throughout the day. As such, Judges can notice patterns of what works and what doesn't, apparent holes or gaps in training and so on. 

In this webinar, Bill will be discussing ways teams can better prepare for trials with effective training techniques.

Meet Your Speaker

Bill Gaskins

Bill Gaskins

Guest Scent Work Instructor

AKC Scent Work Judge
Military Working Dog Handler of 10 dogs
MWD Trainer for 50 dogs teams at 5 kennels
MWD Kennel Master Manager for 2 Kennels
MWD Instructor for 9 years with 624 graduates
MWD Course Developer of 5 courses
Owner and Founder of Integrity Nose Worx LLC

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Should You Take This Webinar?

Are you interested in or currently trialing? See the Judge's perspective regarding some of the common gaps and holes teams seem to have in their training in preparing for trial. 

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