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Search Tactics for the Human End of the Leash Webinar

While it is true our dogs are the ones with the nose, we as handlers play a crucial role within the Scent Work team. Learn how you can better do your part in this webinar.

Karin Apfel

Karin Apfel


The one aspect that nearly all dogs have maintained throughout domestication and selective breeding is the desire to hunt, or to seek “prey” and to seek out opportunities for gaining access to that prey. Anyone with a determined counter-surfer can tell you that.  

But that alone is not quite enough to get us through those upper-level searches in time and with grace and gold scores. Prepare to nerd out about what our human brains can contribute to the team’s success. Where to go, when to call finish, to direct or to cast the dog, when to stand still, all sound like a lot of complex decisions to be made. 

So, let’s take a deep dive into the brain work behind making those searches really flow with this Search Tactics for the Human End of the Leash Webinar.





Are you competing in the upper levels of Scent Work trials? Then this webinar is for you! Particularly if you struggle with clearing rooms, coping with blank spaces or working in searches with an unknown number of hides, you can gain some helpful insights with this presentation.

Do you want to improve your planning for complex seaches and respond fluidly to yoru dog? This webinar will help you learn how by utilizing OODA loops and strategic thinking.

Search Tactics for the Human End of the Leash Webinar
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Karin Apfel


Karin Apfel

SDDA Instructor

Short Bio:

President of SDDA, Karin pulls upon her 30 years of experience training in a variety of dog sports, as well as her passion of canine detection, to help dogs and handlers alike.

Karin Apfel


Short Bio:

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