Patterns CSI to Novice Detection Webinar

Search patterns will vary but they share a common goal of providing organization and a systematic structure to ensure that no items or productive areas are missed. Learn how hide placement, search area context, and reward history matters in building a dog who is organized and thorough as they search.

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Deliberately using hide placements, and reward history, can drive search dog behavior using context clues to generalize to environmental/contextual cues and search productive search areas they’ve received rewards at before. The dogs past experience paired with motivation to work, will increase the likelihood that they will search areas without any input from their handlers. Then the handler’s role is to learn to manage the search and support their dogs as they search.

Meet Your Speaker

Bill Gaskins

Bill Gaskins

Guest Scent Work Instructor

AKC Scent Work Judge
Military Working Dog Handler of 10 dogs
MWD Trainer for 50 dogs teams at 5 kennels
MWD Kennel Master Manager for 2 Kennels
MWD Instructor for 9 years with 624 graduates
MWD Course Developer of 5 courses
Owner and Founder of Integrity Nose Worx LLC

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Should You Take This Webinar?

Does your dog ping-pong around the search area? Perhaps introducing the concept of patterns, through the use of thoughtful hide placement and reward history, will help.

Are you a Scent Work instructor? Having as many tools in your toolbox as possible is the best way to help your clients! Know how to introduce the concept of patterns and see how you can incorporate them into your curriculum without cueing the handler to take over the search from the dog.

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