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Conquering Competition Stress Webinar

Does your dog perform great at home and at class, but under-perform at trial? Do you struggle to reproduce the problems you have at trial in training?

All of this may have absolutely nothing to do with a lack of skills on the part of your dog - they KNOW how to tackle the searches or solve the odor puzzles.

It may also have nothing to do with your abilities as a Scent Work handler - you KNOW how to support them, read their cues, manage the search area. Perhaps the real issues is your inability to cope and deal with competition stress.

In this webinar, Michael will walk you through how you can turn competition stress from a negative to a positive.

Michael McManus

Michael McManus


You've done work necessary to provide your dog the foundation and skills they need to successfully navigate searches and find their hides. You've practiced. Watched and learned. Yet time and time again, once you are asked to perform well as a team at a trial, everything seems to fall apart.

Competition stress is a very real thing and hobbles countless teams who otherwise should be cleaning house! So, in this 90-minute webinar, Michael will discuss some easy at-home exercises you can do to that will help you benefit from your stress instead of suffer from it.


This webinar has been approved for 2 NACSW CEUs.




  • Are you preparing to trial or have been competing for a while? Learn how to leverage the stress that naturally comes from competitng to benefit both yourself and your dog, thus avoiding constantly blowing up your training that may otherwise be working out just fine!

  • Are you an instructor working with students interested in competition? Help better prepare them to be able to successfully tackle their trials without being hobbled by competition stress.

Conquering Competition Stress Webinar
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Michael McManus


Michael McManus

Scent Work Instructor

Short Bio:

A much sought-after speaker, trial official and instructor, people look to Michael due to his extensive expertise and excellent approach that enable dog and handler teams to better achieve their Scent Work training goals.

Michael McManus


Short Bio:

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