Gettin' Ready to Trial: AKC Excellent Webinar

You've earned your AKC Advanced level title and want to move onto Excellent. But are you and your dog ready? Find out with this webinar!

Dianna L. Santos

Dianna L. Santos


You've earned your AKC Advanced title and are moving up the levels. How exciting! You want to keep the momentum going, so what will you need to succeed in an Excellent-level trial? What skills, both inside and outside of the search area itself, will help you and you dog?

We discuss this and more in this webinar!


Join us on January 30th at 3:30PM PST/6:30PM EST for this live webinar where you may ask the speaker questions in real-time. Live attendees will also have free and continual access to the fully edited webinar replay.


Cannot make the live webinar? No worries! Order the webinar replay and go through it at your leisure. You will enjoy continual access to this webinar replay - no deadlines or cut-off dates to worry about. We fully edit all our live webinars to ensure the audio and video quality are as high as possible. Thus, the webinar replay will be posted to our site by the end of the day on January 31st.


Are you training in Scent Work now? Learn the skills you should be baking into your training plans and programs to ensure you and your dog are as well-prepared as possible.

Are you getting ready to enter into an Excellent-level trial? Well done on earning your Advanced-level title! With this webinar, you will learn what additional skills you and your dog will need to succeed in the Excellent-level classes.

Are you a Scent Work instructor? Get some ideas of additional exercises and concepts you can weave into your curriculum and program to ensure your team are properly prepared to trial.

Gettin' Ready to Trial: AKC Excellent Webinar

Online Scent Work Webinar

90 minutes

Webinar features:

  • Live access:

    • Ask speaker questions in real-time.​

    • Free access to replay.

  • Webinar replay:​

    • Fully edited version of live webinar.

    • Email support with speaker.​

  • Access at any time. 

    • Continual access.

    • No deadlines.

    • No cut-off dates.

Dianna Santos


Dianna L. Santos

Owner and Lead Instructor

Short Bio:

The President of Online Dog Training, Inc. and Cyber Scent Work, Inc., Dianna is the Owner and Lead Instructor for Scent Work University. She is passionate about Scent Work and loves the benefits it awards dogs and handlers alike.


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