USCSS Program Instructor

Natalie Duberow

Owner of Happy Dog College and Scentwork Central, Natalie travels the world promoting USCSS, teaching and certifying instructors and trial officials.

    Certified Chief Search Designer with USCSS
    USCSS Judge
    AKC Scent Work Judge
    Performance Scent Dogs Judge
    Regional and International Coordinator for USCSS
    Mentor for Animal Behavior College
    Owner of Happy Dog College
    Owner of Scentwork Central
Natalie Duberow


Natalie Duberow is the owner of Happy Dog College and Scentwork Central. Natalie is a certified professional canine training instructor, and offers training and coaching in the areas of Schutzhund/IPO, Obedience, Nosework, and Tracking. Natalie's passion is Scentwork and she is privileged to serve as a judge to AKC, PSD and USCSS. She is also a Certified Chief Search Designer for USCSS with solid understanding of Scent Theory. Natalie is a regional and international coordinator for USCSS and conducts workshops and training throughout USA and Worldwide. 

Natalie taught and certified instructors in Germany, Russia, KSA, Dubai, France and Switzerland. She was the first American Scentwork Judge to be a part of the first international Scentwork trial in Geneva, Switzerland and France.

Natalie comes from the military background and spent all her life with dogs, first, observing them being trained, training them as a handler, and eventually becoming a certified professional dog training instructor. Natalie’s first  love for dog sports  was IPO  - which combines three disciplines - obedience, tracking, and protection. While being stationed in Germany Natalie trained dogs with ADRK and achieved the five top placements consistently. 

Natalie is also a mentor for Animal Behavior College. She understands the importance of mentoring not only because of the knowledge and skills shared, but also because mentoring provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success.  

Natalie developed a unique method of training that had proven in her students to be successful, it is easy to implement, and shows quick results.


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