Shelter Referral Program

Thank you for your interest in our Shelter Referral Program!

Reputable shelters do amazing and necessary work on behalf of society at-large and, of course, the dogs in their care. Providing behavioral assessments, veterinary care, training and pairing resident dogs up with the best adoptive home while also providing follow-up support and care for dog and owner alike, shelters are simply amazing.

As such, Scent Work University is honored to partner with reputable shelters in offering a discount to them and people who adopt from them.

Shelter staff and volunteers, including foster families, will enjoy a 30% discount off of all online courses, webinars, seminars and eBooks offered through Scent Work University.

Adopters will receive a 30% discount off of either the Puppy Scent Work or Introduction to Scent Work course and then a 20% discount on any subsequent enrollments in our online courses, webinars, seminars or eBooks.

This is a small way that we can give "Thanks" to the reputable shelters who work so tirelessly helping those dogs most in-need.

If you are a staff member for a reputable shelter and are interested in joining our Shelter Referral Program, please complete the short form below and we will get in touch with you to set everything up. 

You may see a listing of our Shelter Members here.

Happy Training!

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