Scent Work Everywhere

Monthly Sniffing Challenge

See important rules and info here.


An exciting way to keep those Scent Work skills sharp on both ends of the leash!

Free. Customizable. Optional. FUN!

Every month we will release a theme for dog and handler teams to tackle.


For each week in that month, you will focus on a given portion of the challenge.


Keep your Scent Work vision activated as you go about your daily life, looking for new potential search opportunities that may meet the bill for that month’s theme.


Think outside the box (no pun intended) and be creative. Finding multiple potential locations earns you double-triple bonus points!


Post photos of your prospective search area(s) – use the #scentworkeverywhere - to the Friends of Scent Work University Facebook Group and discuss how you plan to design your search (where you plan to place your start line, hide(s), what factors you are working on, will there be distractors and where will they be located and so on). Most importantly, note WHY you made those choices!


Invite feedback from the group. Brainstorm for more creative ideas to obtain your training objective.


Using the brainstorming feedback from the FB Group, tackle the search with your dog. This may include creating a similar search in a different location if the one you found was not dog friendly. Video your search and post it to the group.


Apply Michelle Doram’s suggestions in her Great Expectations webinar regarding identifying micro-goals, using affirmative statements, and using a training journal to accurately capture how you and your dog did in this search.


Utilize the feedback from the FB Group and your observations to adjust or further progress and build off this search.


Video this second search, post and discuss.

May Monthly Challenge.jpg


  • SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT! Be critical of any location you are considering to use for a search, thinking of both yourself AND your dog.

  • Only search in areas that are open to dogs. If you want to search an area that is a public business, please get permission first.

  • It is NOT required to do searches away from home! Get ideas while out-and-about and then re-create those features at home, at a friend’s house, training facility, etc.

  • Keep your dog on-leash when searching in public. Otherwise the area must be completely secure AND dogs are permitted to be off-leash. 

  • Design searches suitable for your individual dog. Keep the level of their training, age and health in mind when choosing locations and designing the search itself.

  • May use food, toys, paired odor, target odor or scented articles for your hides. This is entirely up to you.

  • Keep track of and retrieve all your hides. Jot down their location BEFORE running your dog. 

  • Clean up after yourself and your dog before leaving the location. Help make the world MORE dog friendly, not less, by being a responsible dog owner and handler. 

  • Be ready to answer questions of curious on-lookers. Promote the idea of playing the sniffy game with their dog. MORE dogs sniffing is a GOOD thing!

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