CSW: Be the Best Assistant Webinar

CSW: Be the Best Assistant Webinar

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  • Cyber Scent Work Program
  • Instructor: Dianna L. Santos
  • Length: 6 weeks
  • Continual Access

With Cyber Scent Work, an assistant must design, officiate and film the search the team will then submit for the Review Officials to review, score and provide training feedback on. To ensure as many teams as possible can participate, Cyber Scent Work does not require certified officials to be an assistant. The only requirement is the assistant follows the guidelines laid out in the Rules.

But where is an assistant to begin? Maybe your friend or spouse asked you to be an assistant, but this whole Scent Work thing is their obsession, not yours. How should you set-up the search area or put the hides? How should you place the hides within the space? Which distractors should you choose? When do you say "Yes" or "No". ACK!

Don't panic! In this free webinar the Co-Founder and President of Cyber Scent Work will answer these questions and more so you may more confidently be the best assistant possible.



Are you interested in participating in Cyber Scent Work?

You will need an assistant to set-up, officiate and film your searches. Gain some tips to pass along to your assistant to help them feel more comfortable taking on this helpful role. Were you asked to be an assistant? This webinar is for you! Get the tips and information you need to successfully be the best assistant possible!

Owner and Lead Instructor

Dianna L. Santos

Dianna L. Santos grants Scent Work University license to feature her courses, seminars and webinars on our online dog training platform.
All of the content in this online webinar is created by, owned by, and the rights to the content, are reserved to Dianna L. Santos.



- Continual access to the replay.
- Access to all associated resources.
- May email speaker with questions.

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