USCSS: Judge and CSD Certification

Judges and CSDs are the backbone of USCSS™. They must have a full understanding of the Official Rules, how the Classes and Games are to be organized, designed, run and officiated as well as understand their overall roles at a trial.

While a requirement for all USCSS™ officials, competitors will also find this course exceedingly helpful.

Course Details

There is so much more to being an official with USCSS™ than simpy saying "Yes" or "No" when you are a Judge or setting hides when you are the CSD. These officials are the face of the organization, help set the tone of the entire trial and can help set competitors up to succeed or fail. This course goes into depth what all Judges and CSDs should do and consider. 

CEUS for Officials:

Auditors: 3 CEUs with United States Canine Scent Sports

Watchers: 1 CEUs with United States Canine Scent Sports

Meet Your Instructor

Dianna L. Santos

Dianna L. Santos

Owner and Lead Instructor

AKC Scent Work Judge
USCSS Judge and CSD
AKC CGC Evaluator
C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator and Instructor

Should I Take This Course?

Are you interested in becoming an approved trial official with USCSS? Gain a full understanding of what is expected of USCSS trial officias while also enjoying tips on how you can be as successful as possible.

Are you trialing with USCSS? While this course is geared toward trial officials, we also provide tips for competitors throughout this course!



What You Will Need for This Course

Read over the most recent version of the USCSS Rules.

Course Outline

  • What is United States Canine Scent Sports

  • Rules and Regulations

  • Faults and Disqualifications

  • Maintaining the Integrity of the Trial

  • Breaking Down the Classes and Games

  • Requirements for Judges and CSDs

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