USCSS: Hide Placement for Trial

Whenever an official sets a hide at a trial, it should be a thoughtful and well-planned process in an attempt to pose a particular odor puzzle to each dog and handler team.

A course geared toward all trial officials, especially those with United States Canine Scent Sports, you will learn how to ensure each hide is successful at your next trial!

Course Details

Trial officials should not simply be saying, "Look, a flat surface to stick my tin, yay!". Rather, officials should evaluate how the various considerations will affect their hide placement. These include, but are not limited to, weather, air flow, environmental considerations, the number of hides to be placed and the level of the trial. We will cover each of these in this course as well as pitfalls for officials to avoid and tips to ensure their trials are successful.

Competitors will also find this course incredibly helpful in outlining how they should set-up hides in their own practice sessions, and what to consider the next time they walk up to the start line.

CEUS for Officials:

Auditors: 3 CEUs with United States Canine Scent Sports

Watchers: 1 CEUs with United States Canine Scent Sports

Meet Your Instructor

Michelle Doram

Michelle Doram

Scent Work Instructor

AKC Scent Work Judge
USCSS Judge and CSD
Elite-Level Competitor
Owner of White Collar K9

Should I Take This Course?

Are a trial official with USCSS or another Scent Work competition organization? Ensure you know all the factors that you should consider when you are designing a search area for a Scent Work trial.

Are you a Scent Work handler, trainer or competitor? We can all benefit from having a better understanding on how to set-up our training search areas, what factors affect odors, etc.



What You Will Need for This Course

Read over the most recent version of the USCSS Rules.

Course Outline

  • Philosophy of "More=Less" Explained

  • Climate Considerations

  • Environmental Considerations

  • Placement Tips

  • Correct Alert Parameters

  • Problem Solving and Pitfalls to Avoid

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