Be Prepared for Detective

Currently competing in, about to take the plunge or are just intrigued by the mysterious AKC Detective class? Then this online 6-week class is for you!

Course Details

The AKC Detective class is not only the highest level of competition AKC Scent Work offers; it is also an incredible challenge for dog and handler teams. In this course, we will breakdown how you can best prepare yourself, your dog, and your team to tackle this challenge head-on with all the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed.

Over the duration of this course we will cover how to figure out your team’s best strategies and plans, we’ll breakdown the types of odor puzzles you will commonly see at an AKC Detective class, and work on developing useful skills to help your team succeed in meeting and conquering this challenge.

Meet Your Instructor

Judith Guthrie

Judith Guthrie

Scent Work Instructor

AKC Scent Work Judge
USCSS CSD and Judge
Member of National Tactical Police Dog Association (NTPDA)
Former Member of International Bed Bug Resource Authority (IBBRA).

Should I Take This Course?

Are you planning on competing in AKC Scent Work? Have a better understanding of what tackling an AKC Detective class entails, what you and your dog will need to do to succeed and come up with a customized training plan and strategy that will help YOUR team.

Are you planning on competing in another Scent Work venue? Many of the concepts and principles covered in this course can be successfully applied toward any of the Scent Work competition organizations.

Are you an instructor? Ensure you are providing your own students the skills and tools they need to meet the incredibly difficult challenge of mastering the AKC Detective class.



What You Will Need for This Course

  • your dog

  • flat or martingale collar

  • back-clip harness (optional)

  • 6'-8' leash

  • 10-15' long line

  • LOTS of small, non-crumbly treats that YOUR dog finds rewarding

Course Outline

  • What is the AKC Detective Class

  • What Skills Will You Need?

  • How to Come Up With a Plan

  • Planning, Assessing, Pivoting - Rinse and Repeat!

We're Privileged to Share This Course With You!

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