AKC: Working Water Hides

In AKC Scent Work, the Buried class has undergone some major changes, all of which are slated to go into effect October 1, 2019.

The most major change involves having dogs work water hides in the upper levels of competition.

Course Details

In this 6-week course, we will walk you through how to introduce the concept of working water hides to your dog as well as how to prepare for the upper levels of the AKC Scent Work Buried class. All of this will be achieved while focusing on having FUN with your dog!

Meet Your Instructor

Natalie McManus

Natalie McManus

Virtual Coaching Instructor

AKC Scent Work Judge
USCSS Judge and CSD
K9 Nose Work® Camp Instructor
Summit-Level Competitor
Judge for PUSH Treibball
Co-Owner of Ready Sit Go Dog Training

Should I Take This Course?

Are you interested in competing in AKC Scent Work? You and your dog will need to successfully navigate water hides and this course will help you do just that!


Dog must be familiar hunting for at least one novel odor (ie. Birch, Anise and/or Clove).

What You Will Need for This Course

Course Outline

  • Introducing Water Hides

  • Aging Water Hides

  • Multiple Hides - Preparing for Buried Advanced

  • Buried Advanced Class

  • Water and Sand - Buried Excellent Class

  • Having Fun with Water Hides

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