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Cyber Scent Work, Inc.


Who is Cyber Scent Work For?

There are three main categories of dog and handler teams we think will highly benefit from what Cyber Scent Work has to offer. No matter what your goal is, when you send in your videos, you will receive helpful training advice and feedback. Your runs will be reviewed and scored for titles and ribbons!

Prepping for Trial

Reap the benefits of setting up and running searches that are similar to, yet more challenging than, what you will see in formal Scent Work competition!

Playing the Game

The perfect alternative to formal competition, you can safely play and test your skills in a supportive environment designed to be educational and fun!

Working in Groups

Whether working with friends or in a group training class, now you can push one another to strive to even greater heights with your canine partner.

The goal of Cyber Scent Work is to encourage more dog owners to take the plunge, improve their teamwork skills and, most importantly, to have fun!

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