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Intro to Odor Program

  • Utilize pairing training technique

Focus on building dog's:

  • Odor Obedience

  • Hunt Drive

  • Confidence

  • Problem-Solving

  • Tenacity


  1. Introducing Birch

  2. Interiors and Field Trips with Birch

  3. Exteriors and Vehicles with Birch

  4. Perfect Patterns: Vehicles

  5. Exteriors and Field Trips with Birch

  6. Introducing Anise

  7. Introducing Clove

  8. Combo Odors

  9. Varying Odor Concentrations


Your dog understands what Scent Work is all about. Now it is time to introduce them to the concept of hunting for a novel odor!

These courses will walk you through how to help your dog learn how to navigate hunting in a variety of search elements, while coping with incrementally more challenging set-ups.

We follow the K9 Nose Work® training methodology in how we introduce odor, build odor obedience and allow the activity to be dog-centric. Not only will this ensure your success in a NACSW™ trial, but in competing with other competition organizations as well.

Best of all, fun will be had!

Intro to Odor Program
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