Handbook for Scent Work Trial Officials eBook

Handbook for Scent Work Trial Officials eBook

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  • Trial Prep Program and Instructor Program
  • Length: 34 pages
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With Scent Work exploding in popularity, there is an increased demand for Scent Work trials. As such, more and more people are taking the plunge in becoming Scent Work trial officials.

This eBook is written to provide general tips and guidelines for all Scent Work trial officials, regardless of the organization they may officiate for. Ways to avoid common pitfalls, as well as the dreaded trial official burnout, are covered as well.

By no means is this handbook meant to be a sole reference for trial officials. Rather, trial officials may find this eBook a helpful addition to their resource library. Order yours today!


"As a beginner I found it very helpful in understanding what is required to hold trials." Lynn C.

"I found it very informative." Tracey P. 

Owner and Lead Instructor

Meet the Author: Dianna L. Santos

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