Trial Hosting for AKC Scent Work Trials Part 1: Planning and Preparation Webinar

Trial Hosting for AKC Scent Work Trials Part 1: Planning and Preparation Webinar

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  • Trial Host Program and AKC Scent Work Program
  • Instructor: Anita Ambani
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Continual Access

With the rise in popularity of the sport of Scent Work, many clubs and eager trial hosts are gearing up to hold Scent Work trials. In this webinar, we'll cover everything from the basic starting point of how to go through the approval process, the paperwork involved, site location selections, judge hiring, the various roles at the trial, working through budgeting, purchasing, and preparation tips and tricks to make your trial a success! These tips although geared towards AKC Scent Work are super helpful no matter what the Scent Work/Nose Work organization one may host.

Be sure to check out the second webinar in the series, Trial Weekend Execution A to Z Webinar.


Are you getting ready to plan an AKC Scent Work trial?

Do you want to make sure you're fully prepared and ready to go without the last-minute scramble days before the trial? Have you hosted trials in the past and are looking to improve?

Have you heard complaints from competitors or even trial officials? There are always lessons learned from past events so this webinar will provide some tips and tricks on how to improve? Are you a competitor?

There's so much that goes on behind the scenes to make trials a success! Even if you're not a trial host, you can still take away great lessons to perhaps help your own local club's trial host be successful!

Scent Work Instructor

Anita Ambani

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